The main casino table games types

The online casinos bombard us from all sides through the countless number of different types of gambling. It happens mainly because of the high level of competition and the need to constantly fight for the customer. The sites developers know that the best way to attract new gambling clients is interesting promotions and the extensive offer with the latest slots and casino table games.

Here, the online casinos have an extremely big advantage over the land casinos because they do not have to place gaming tables in a real space. Everything is on the server, which causes the cost of maintaining online casinos to small.

The main casino table games types

The main casino table games categories are live games or slots like Poker, Craps, and other dice games, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Most of them are card games, but of course, there are other types of online casino table games like Roulette.

Here, each game has its variants. First, it can be either a slot (a simulator) or a live casino entertainment where real dealers are involved. The difference here exists: only slots can be free casino table games, and the game with a real dealer is always played for real bets.

Best table game slots

Those, who are interested in these slots, simulators of this type of online entertainment, can look through this casino table games list with a short description of each game.

  1. Roulette. Players bet on certain spaces around a wheel, whether it’s a single number, certain groupings, the colors red or black, or even odd or even numbers. Watching the dealer spinning the wheel or clicking “Spin” in a virtual game, the player then sees in which field the ball lands and whether he has won or lost money.
  2. Blackjack casino table games. Success in this popular table game consists of a clever strategy and mastery of the game. Several players (ore sometimes, only one) play against a dealer, and the goal is to beat him by either getting 21 points without the dealer’s Blackjack, reaching a final score higher than the dealer’s but not higher than 21.
  3. Poker. Back in the 1970s, video poker machines were introduced and referred to as Poker slots. They do not require interaction with a dealer or other players, and an RNG generates card combinations. However, they differ from slot machines in that players have to make many decisions that affect the outcome. In general, the payout is very good. The basic game Jacks or Better delivers 99.5% in the paid full version.
  4. Craps. When a gambler plays it, he starts placing chips on the pass line. The come-out roll is the first throw and the shooter rolls the dice. If the roll is 7 or 11 then the pass bet wins. However, if it is 2, 3 or 12, they will lose. If the dice are rolled and result in a number higher than the come-out, then he must roll again until either the same number result wins an equalizer or a 7 is rolled to lose. When the shooter makes his point, a new comer-out is determined and rolled, but if not, the dice are passed to a new shooter.
  5. Sic Bo. The game begins with three dice thrown by the dealer into a small cage. The players bet on the results that the throw has brought — this can be a bet on the sum of the three dice, one of the numbers that appear, and so on.


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